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On this site you can compare the prices, weights, sizes, power (and many more) of various items. For example, you can find out how many coffees add up to the price of a small car, or how many third world children you could provide basic educational and medical services to instead of buying a new phone.

To navigate the site, hover the mouse over any of the small icon pictures. After a second or so some text will appear showing you what you can do if you click on that image. At the bottom of each page you'll find a list of picture icons that you can click on to compare with other items.

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Michael Milford, PhD

Compare these consumer costs



chocolate bar


can of softdrink

movie ticket

restaurant meal


compact car

sports car

digital camera

digital SLR camera

laptop computer

desktop computer

10 day cruise

4 week overseas holiday

1 week of groceries

1 year of basic education and medicine for a third world child

one trip on public transport

monthly mobile phone plan

Compare these object weights



heaviest elephant

argentinosaurus (heavy sauropod dinosaur)

tyrannosaurus rex (theropod dinosaur)

jahre viking super oil tanker

empire state building

general sherman sequoia tree

blue whale

family car

heaviest train

antonov an-225 cargo plane

mil mi-26 helicopter

yamato japanese battleship

nimitz-class aircraft carrier

heaviest human

panzer 8 maus tank

m1a2 tank

heaviest pumpkin

heaviest backlift by human

Compare these military costs


nimitz aircraft carrier

m1a2 tank

apache attack helicopter

zumwalt class destroyer

tomahawk cruise missile

seawolf class submarine

b-2 bomber

united states cost of war in Iraq

united states cost of war in Afghanistan

united states cost of world war 2

united states cost of Gulf War

united states cost of Vietnam war

cost of world war 1

cost of running an aircraft carrier for 1 year

ak-47 assault rifle

united states military yearly budget

united kingdom military

china military

1995 united states ballistic missile defence spending

Compare these explosion yields

hiroshima little boy atomic bomb

nagasaki fat man atomic bomb

mother of all bombs

father of all bombs

grand slam bomb

oklahoma city bombing

castle bravo united states hydrogen bomb

tsar bomba russian bomb

minor scale united states conventional explosion

b83 strategic bomb

2004 indian ocean earthquake

tunguska comet impact

1883 krakatoa volcano eruption

heligoland island explosion